Safety&Health@Work: Trade fair for Safety at Work

Safety&Health@Work is the most important independent knowledge platform and the most visited network meeting for professionals who value safe and healthy working conditions. The trade fair and simultaneously organized congress offer the latest trends and developments related to safe and healthy working. They are crucial in sharing knowledge and influencing behaviour. For two days, the 100 exhibitors show the latest products, services, training and certifications that contribute to the safety  of the working environment. Safety&Health@Work focuses in particular on the high-risk sectors where safety and health are a constant challenge: industry, port, construction and logistics.


There is also a lot of attention for human behaviour. Although processes, technology and procedures related to safety may often be alright, routine work appears  to be the most important cause in the cases when things go wrong. How do you get employees to change their behaviour? And how can we create a corporate culture in which safety and health are important values?



The Dutch industry is one of the most important employers of our country. It is the engine behind the export as well. But it is also a sector with a high potential risk: hazard substances, a lot of impact on the environment and the international character associated with strict regulations. Safe and healthy working conditions are closely linked to the production process. Rules and procedures are fixed and clear to everyone. But how do you ensure that these rules and procedures are also complied with? And if an accident occurs, does everyone know how to act? At Safety&Health@Work, important topics like these are discussed on the exhibition floor, during knowledge sessions and the Safe Working Congress, organized by Vakmedianet.



The port of Rotterdam offers direct and indirect employment to more than 180.000 people. The ports are also located in a densely populated region with a high economic value. Risks occur in many areas and therefore, safety is essential. How do you promote this safety in the entire chain? The port company has important responsibilities regarding external safety, occupational safety, traffic safety and social safety. Any incident at the port would have a major impact on the safety, quality of life and accessibility of an extremely important region. These are topics that will be discussed at Safety&Health@Work.



For years, construction has been at the top of the rankings when it comes to serious accidents, inability to work and heavy and unhealthy work. And with the revival of the sector, the chance of accidents only increases. Reason for trade associations such as 'Bouwend Nederland’, 'Uneto-VNI’ and 'Aannemersfederatie Nederland (AFNL)’ have initiated a national safety day. But is that sufficient to make everyone aware of the importance of safe and healthy work? Safety&Health@Work is the right platform to contribute and find solutions.



Everything goes quiet without logistics. That shows how important safe and healthy working conditions in logistics are in our country. Moreover, it is a sector with a lot of flexible work. How do you ensure that all those people are aware of and remain aware of the potential risks? Safety&Health@Work brings together questions and answers that play a role in the sector.



Safe and healthy working starts at the workplace. It includes the complete spectrum of awareness, good and safe tools, fall protection, personal protective equipment, (camera) surveillance, drones and work clothes. But also education, training, certifications, software and quality marks ensure a healthy and safe working environment. More than 100 providers of the above services and products show the latest innovations, trends and developments during Safety&Health@Work.



Wednesday 11 April 2018: 10:00 - 17:00

Thursday 12 April 2018: 10:00 - 17:00


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